Student Toolbox

The Technology Department has assembled a collection of tools that you may find useful...

Browse the list below for apps and utilities to help save you time.


Free Software and Utilities


  • Georgia Virtual Learning - Students can access free, interactive digital textbooks through the Georgia Department of Education’s website.


  • Educreations - This is a great educational website that my precalculus teacher uses a lot with us. You can search for a particular concept, and a video will pop up if someone created a video lesson regarding that concept. It’s even available on the app store!


  • Office 365 and Google Apps for Education - Accounts available for all students grades K-12 with parental consent form.


  • More coming soon...


Helpful Links


  • Khan Academy - You Can Learn Anything!  Great resource for additional instruction, review, supplemental instruction and exploration of all subjects.


  • Crash Course - Great for the visual learner.   Literally has crash courses on everything you learn in class, condensed in short 10 minute videos, filled with many colorful animations.


  • More coming soon...


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