About Technology

Technology plays an integral role in the Gordon County School System...

We have created an environment where technology is essential in all aspects of teaching, learning and management. Over 5000 networked computers with high speed internet access are available in the school system. From preschool students to board members, computers are an important part of the educational program. To enhance the education learning experience all teachers have been provided interactive whiteboards, projectors, sound and access to classroom response systems. The Gordon County School System is continuing the focus on Instructional Technology. Throughout the school system, teachers and students currently utilize the Internet to view educational videos via Discovery Education's video-on-demand service. Sonoarville Elementary School utilizes Safari Montage to deliver digital content to teachers and students. Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO) is used to conduct research. The instructional program is enhanced by a variety of interactive educational software and on-line databases.

The school system focuses on the use of data to impact instruction. Performance Matters was purchased and teachers were trained on the system, but more importantly on how to use the data for instruction.  In addition, the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is used to help teachers make informed, data-driven decisions to improve student learning.  Infinite Campus Messenger is the student information system and the school systems emergency/information call system. 

To further support its commitment to providing students with the tools necessary to compete in an increasingly technological world, Gordon County Schools is pleased to announce its district-wide 1:1 technology initiative, which will put an iPad into the hands of each K-12 student in the school district. Meant as a tool for instruction, not a replacement of the classroom teacher, the iPads will allow students to further their education in a way that is more personalized and engaging.

This announcement comes on the heels of three years of in-depth research into how other systems across the country have implemented this type of initiative.  Additionally, multiple surveys and conversations with various groups of stakeholders, including students, faculty, parents, and Local School Governance Team members, informed the decision on how to move forward with this initiative.  These groups considered the types of devices, as well as the operating system, cost efficiency and durability of each device before coming to an overwhelming consensus that the iPad for all grade levels would be the best option.    

Gordon County Schools technology resources are centralized and standardized with 24/7 access by all staff and students. Our servers are virtualized and have high speed connections between them and the main switch that all schools connect to. Each staff member and student has access to published applications through Office 365. This delivers Microsoft Office including Outlook, educational software and productivity tools to our users. In addition, documents and files are saved to a central file storage system that is backed up nightly. All students and staff can access their Office 365 applications and saved documents and files from any computer in the school environment as well as on any internet-linked computer at any location around the world. 


Location: We are located in the Operations Center at 1300 Dews Pond Road NE, Calhoun, GA 30701.

Directions:  Northbound I-75, take exit 312 and turn right at the exit ramp and immediately left at the next light in front of Longhorn's. Take a left at the next light and cross I-75 and take the first right. Look for busses.

Southbound I-75, take exit 315 and turn right at the exit ramp. Turn left at the first light in front of Arby's. Turn left at the next light onto Dews Pond Road. Turn left in front of Transportation Leasing Company. If you cross the bridge you've gone too far. Look for buses.