Services for Preschool Children with Special Needs

General Information


A child who has a suspected language, speech and/or developmental concern may be referred to Gordon County Schools for consultation and a potential evaluation to determine if he/she qualifies for Speech/Language or Educational Service Programs. Gordon County Schools offers Speech/Language and Educational Services for preschool children with special needs who live within the Gordon County School district.


Programs Available

The Speech Impaired (SI) Program provides intervention to children who demonstrate an articulation disorder and/or a language disorder that impacts development.


The Significantly Developmentally Delayed (SDD) Program provides intervention to children who demonstrate a significant delay in one or more of the following areas: 

Cognitive Skills

Communication Skills

Self Help Skills

Motor Skills

Social/Emotional Skills

Intervention services can be provided through consultation with a child's caretakers or through direct instruction provided to the child. Services are implemented within the home, day care or school setting. A child who qualifies for the SDD Program may be placed in a Preschool Special Education Class if appropriate.



How to Make a Referral

Anyone may initiate a referral for a child with a suspected speech/language impairment or developmental delay. A child's parent must provide consent before the referral process can begin.


To Make a Referral, contact: 
Dana Jackson
Phone: 706- 879 -5229
Fax: 706 -629-1197

Current vision and hearing screening results will be requested for the child when the referral is made.

Referrals should be made as early as possible to maximize intervention results for the child. When possible, it is beneficial to make the referral before the 3rd birthday (as early as 32 months of age) to ensure that services can begin by the child's 3rd birthday.

Referrals are taken for children 32 months of age to 5 years old.

Children who qualify for the SDD program may also be eligible for the related services of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Mini Bus Transportation to support their participation in the SDD program.


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