Employee Benefits
Angel Dawson,                                Benefits Coordinator
Angel Dawson, Benefits Coordinator
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Benefits are a large part of the total compensation package for Gordon County Schools’ (GCS) employees. GCS offers employees and eligible family members a comprehensive and valuable benefits program. We encourage you to take the time to educate yourself about your options and select the best coverage for your family. In order to meet the changing needs of our employees, we are continuously reviewing and updating these benefits and their features. The following is an overview of the benefits provided by GCS. Because of the importance of the benefits package, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the various plans from a variety of sources, including the Employee Benefits Guide and the State Health Benefits Plan Guide. These publications, along with other detailed information, can be found on the Employee Benefit Portal.



  • Cafeteria Plan: A flexible benefit plan is available that allows employees to select non-taxable benefits according to Section 125 of the IRS code. The cafeteria pla also enables eligible employees to convert their premium contributions for health, dental, vision, cancer, critical illness, accident and flex medical/dependent reimbursement care from an after tax expense to a pre-tax expense. All employees will default to the cafeteria plan unless you opt out in writing to the Benefits Department.





Employee Retirement Benefits 


Teachers Retirement System (TRS) - Gordon County Schools participates in the TRS system of Georgia. Members contribute a mandatory retirement contribution of 6% and the employer contributes 16.81% of the gross earnings per month.

Eligibility for TRS is any employee with the exception of those employees required to be a member of the Public School Employees Retirement System listed below.

Retirement eligibility for TRS is age 60 OR 30 years of service OR be eligible for disability retirement with a minimum of 10 years of credible service.

Please visit the TRS website to create a profile, designate your beneficiary, and learn more about your retirement options.



Public School Employee Retirement System (PSERS) - Eligibility for PSERS is Non-Supervisory positions in the school system in: Maintenance, Custodial, Transportation, and Cafeteria. (Certain managers are eligible for TRS membership)

Members who joined PSERS prior to July 1, 2012, will pay a mandatory $4.00 per month for nine months of the year for a total of $36 per year. If you joined PSERS after July 1, 2012, you will pay $10 per month for nine months of the year for a total contribution of $90 per year. 



Supplemental Retirement 403(b), 457, ROTH - Gordon County Schools offers employees the opportunity to participate in two tax deferred savings plans: the the 403(b) and the 457 deferred compensation plan. The 403(b) plan also offers a ROTH option for accumulating additional retirement savings. The supplemental retirement plan is currently administered through Lincoln Financial.

All employees may participate in the supplemental retirement plan including substitutes, after-school care, part-time, or full-time employees.