Enrollment Procedures
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NOTICE: Gordon County Schools will hold centralized registration during the summer months for the convenience of any parent or guardian needing to enroll students into any school in the district.

Centralized registration will be available Monday-Thursday, June 19-July 20, at Gordon Central High School, 335 Warrior Path, Calhoun. Once on campus, follow the signs for summer registration. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Before June 20 or after July 20, parents should contact the school directly for registration information.  

For more information on summer registration, call 706-879-5302 ext. 6021 or  706-879-5261 ext. 6306

In order to attend school in the Gordon County School District, new students and their families must complete all required forms, provide the required documentation, and submit verification of the family’s address to the registrar at the school for which they are seeking enrollment. Parents are encouraged to contact the school prior to arriving for registration.


Other than students specifically exempted by rule or law, the following individuals are eligible for enrollment: 

  • Students who have attained the age of five by September 1 unless they attain the age of 20 by September 1
  • Special education students through the age of 21


The parent or guardian must provide: 

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of social security card or waiver signed by parent/guardian
  • Certificate of Immunization (Form #3231)
  • Eye, Ear, & Dental Certificate (Form #3300)
  • Custody documents (if applicable)
  • Withdrawal documentation from previous school (if applicable)
  • Middle & High school students should provide transcripts including discipline records
  • Current proof of residence in parent/guardian name (utility bill; rent or lease agreement)


Out-of-District & Out-of-Zone Enrollments

Gordon County Schools has divided the district into six elementary districts, two middle school districts, and two high school districts. District lines have been drawn to ensure that the proper number of students reside in each district. Students may make application for out-of-district or out-of-zone enrollment. The school principal will consider students for out-of-district enrollment based on the following conditions:

    • The student has a satisfactory behavior record and is in good standing at the home school;
    • The student has satisfactory academic achievement (C average or better and on grade level) at previous school;
    • The student’s attendance is in compliance with the Gordon County Board of Education Attendance Policy JBD;
    • The student’s parents/guardians are willing to furnish transportation to and from school in a punctual manner;
    • Parents/Guardians will be required to enter into a yearly contractual agreement;
    • The administration will have the discretion to enroll out-of-district students as long as the enrollment does not violate state standards and/or Board of Education policy;
    • The administration will have the authority to require written documentation of residency; 
    • For high school students, once the student attends high school any transfer to another school without a residency change into the new high school attendance district may result in the loss of one year of varsity eligibility for interscholastic competitive activities.