Work-based Learning

Work-Based Learning is one component of Career Related Education (CRE). CRE includes promoting Career Awareness, Career Exploration and Instructional Related Activities in all SHS Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) and Academic classes. CRE instructional activities include teaching units on employability skills, coordinating career fairs, guest speakers and activities & events. Conferring with and advising Parents, Students, Employers and Faculty on Career Related and WBL issues is an essential element of the CRE/WBL Program.

A key element of the Work-Based Learning (WBL) is the combination of school and work promoting the idea that not all learning happens within the walls of the classroom. Students involved in work-based learning learn the connection between the concepts and skills learned in school with applications to real life experiences in the workplace. Work-Based Learning programs include, job shadowing, internships, cooperative education, and youth apprenticeship.


For more information, contact Leah Braddy at the Gordon County College and Career Academy.